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 Welcome to Goddess Lashes

We believe eyelash extensions is an artform. Discover a new you with instantly thick, long, voluminous, curvy lashes using a lash by lash application. 

At Goddess Lashes we specialize in the art of lash extensions and enhance our practice with alternative lash treatments such as LashDip, Lashlift, Lash Tint and the tailoring of our Signature Mink Lash Strips. With over 300 lash types varying in lash material, thickness, curve, length and color, Goddess Lashes can create a glamorous new look to suit your eye shape and personal style.

Goddess Lashes Advanced Lash Artist will transform your eyes from dull to irresistible!

Offering consierge lash services on location serving Fort Lauderdale and Miami metro areas.



Linda Tical ~ Master Lash Artist

With over 12 years in the Beauty Industry, numerous Beauty Licenses and specializations in Advanced Lash Styling and Micropigmentation, Linda Tical's expertise takes her lash extensions application to an artform.

Passionate and dedicated to this intricate art, Linda Tical will tailor, personalize and correct your lashes to create the best look just for you.

Customization is the key where your lashes take center stage and become a better self... thicker, longer, curvier and sexier!

Linda's passion and love for her work helped establish her as one of the best and most talented Lash Artists in the beauty industry.