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Collagen 360º Capsuled Mask

Collagen 360º capsuled mask
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Tightening effect. Hydrates and intensifies cellular regeneration

Collagen 360º capsuled mask is an innovative facial mask that provides an immediate tightening effect. The skin relaxes because of the degradation of collagen and elastin. This can begin before the age of 35, but it gets worse around this age – it appears as loss of firmness, and the oval shape and features of the face are less defined.

What makes capsuled mask effective?

The mask Collagen 360º solution, an activating fluid that provides a comfortable sensation of firmness and a fresher look. Its formula contains:

  • Hydrolysed marine collagen, which provides the essential amino acids for the skin stimulation of fibroblasts and the reinforcement of the intrinsic natural collagen, providing a high level of moisture.
  • Aloe vera, with excellent moisturising and regenerating properties on damaged skin; acts stimulating the skin repair mechanisms.
  • Oat extract, a tightening ingredient with immediate effects.

A mask with fabric texture?

Collagen 360º capsuled mask is made with a material known as non-woven without preservatives, scent or artificial colours. It comes in capsules, presented in an aluminium blister pack for more hygiene and better preservation. When in contact with Collagen 360º solution, Collagen 360º capsuled mask expands immediately, enabling the direct application on the face afterwards.

The non-woven acts as a support that guarantees a continuous and prolonged time of contact between the active principles and the skin.


  • Moisturising and regeneration of damaged skin
  • Thightening action with immediate effects

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