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Collagen 360º Elixir

Collagen 360º elixir
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Enriched marine collagen. Reaffirms the skin from the inside

Collagen 360º elixir is a drinkable nutricosmetic that is specifically designed to help to reaffirm the skin from inside the body, reduce wrinkles and bring back its luminosity.

One cream provides a fast moisturising effect on the surface of the skin, whileCollagen 360º elixir acts from the inside, in the deeper layers of the skin. Collagen 360º elixir is a bioactive ingredient with regenerating and reaffirming properties and a functional nutrient that helps to re-establish the metabolic balance of the skin, favouring the biosynthesis of its components. Collagen 360º elixir acts in synergy with the rest of the Collagen 360º products, and it is defined as an integral 360º product.

Which should be the dose of Collagen 360º elixir?

It is recommended a daily dose of 10g collagen, which equals 1 bottle a day ofCollagen 360º elixir the first six days of the month, during 3 months. In just 6 days the skin will already appear smoother, more elastic and re-densified

Does it have any contraindications or side effects?

No, hydrolysed collagen Collagen 360º elixir does not have side effects, the body digests and assimilates it perfectly. Collage 360º elixir does not contain fat or cholesterol.


  • From the inside, Collagen 360º acts integrally in the body and on the face.
  • Reduction of the depth of the wrinkles
  • Recovery of the volume and the density of the skin

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Collagen 360º elixir