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Eyebrow Extensions


Eyebrow Extensions are a revolutionary technique to add depth volume and dimention to eyebrows that are too thin or sparse, to fill in eyebrows gaps or for those suffering from alopecia and cancer patients who otfen lose part or all of their brows.

Eyebrow extensions are done by attaching individual hair to the existing brows with skin safe surgical adhesive. They are waterproof and can last up to 14 days with proper maintenance and refills every 7-10 days.

For best results, avoid wetting your eyebrow extensions for at least 24 hrs, avoid oils, creams, steam, rubbing, picking and pulling the eyebrow area.



Eyebrow Extensions


$ 200

Eyebrow Sculpting



$ 175

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows


$ 150

Eyebrow keratin


$ 80




Eyebrow Tint




Eyebrow Henna




Eyebrow Design





Eyebrow Embroidery / Microblading



price upon consultation

3D-6D Eyebrow tattooing




price upon consultation

Hair strokes permanent Eyebrows



price upon consultation

Permanent Eyebrows