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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the ultimate beauty accessory for today's busy woman! At Goddess Lashes we use the world's finest eyelash extension product on the market, as seen on celebrities, super models and movie stars. We offer customized lashes tailored just for you and offer a vast stock of lashes to suit your style. Xtreme lashes,Premium Silk Lashes, Mink lashes, Faux mink lashes and Siberian authentic mink lashes for incredible luster and softness.

Goddess Lashes semi-permanent lash extensions are applied directly to each individual eyelash with safe surgical glue. Lashes look and feel totally natural and last as long as you refill them. You can swim, shower and exercise worry-free as our lashes are 100% waterproof! Perfect for anyone who desires perfect long and sensual lashes every day without the need of mascara. 



Half set of 30 lashes per eye. Subtly enhance your lashes and accentuate the corner of your eyes only. For our most natural full set we recommend our Natural set.


$ 175


Set of 50 lashes per eye. Designed to give you longer and thicker lashes while still looking conservative.


$ 250


Set of 70 lashes per eye. One of our most loved set that will transform your eyes with lifted, thicker, longer lashes! 


$ 350


Set of 90 lashes per eye. Our most loved set! if you want your eyes to stand out, this will do! Thicker, lucious, irresistible lashes.


$ 450


Set of 110+ lashes per eye. lashes till the very last strand, for over the top, exterme thickness and glamour.



Upgrade Siberian Mink / Upgrade Volume Lashes

Fluffy, lightweight and luxurious, authentic mink lashes are pure opulence! The softest, natural looking extensions available! 

Volume Lashes are lighter, create more density and volume for sparse thin lashes. Longer lasting than traditional lashes.

Add to each full set prices.




Bottom Lashes

 Up to 20 lashes. Toss your mascara for good! Bottom lashes add depth and balace to the eyes.





Up to 30 lashes per eye, recommended every 2-3 weeks.  Must have 50% of initial set remaining.

Over 4 weeks considered a new full set




Goddess Lash Addict

Purchase Refills and save!                                        6 refills 

(In studio only, must refill every 2-3 weeks, over 4 weeks considered a new set and 3 refills will be deducted)



Goddess Lash Rehab

Includes lash removal, lash conditioning, 1 Amplify Lash & Brow Fortifier.( If lash health permits client can add lash extensions to package at extra cost)





Lash Removal



Bi-color Lashes