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Lashlift or lash perm is perfect for people who naturally have long lashes and desire to lift them to make their lashes more visible. Lash lift or lash perm are great for people with straight lashes or droopy lashes. 

Lashlift involves lifting the very root of your own lashes... straightening rather than curling the lashes to give you a seductive wide -awake look that is natural and yours.
The process involves a combination of a silicon shield, our gel formula and a tint for those who needs it to create the illusion of extra lenght , thickness and a remarkable lift!

Lashlift is ideal for anyone with straight lashes or lashes that grow down and need uplifting. Perfect to achieve a wide-eyed look with minimal effort and maintenance.  Mascara can be used to add thickness and depht



  • creates lash lift
  • Lenghtening
  • adds volume
  • Boost color


Lash Lift

Lash Lift + Lash Tint


(both eyes)