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Xtreme Lashes™ Deluxe Retractable Lash Styling Wand

Xtreme Lashes™ Deluxe Retractable Lash Styling Wand
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Primp those lashes with panache!

Alluring eyelashes deserve equally appealing accessories for their care.

This Deluxe Retractable Lash Styling Wand, with refined detailing and elegant gold toned case, is destined to be every diva’s delight. With the patented collar design, the brush glides smoothly from the barrel and returns to the housing for compact storage.

 A custom fitted cap ensures the tip stays tiptop and tidy when not in use.

How To Use

You wouldn’t leave the house without making sure the hair on your head is groomed and you shouldn’t do so with the extensions on your lashes either!

Sleeping, makeup application and touching can move your lashes around and cause them to overlap, tangle and create visual gaps.

A slight disarray of lash arrangement might be barely noticeable with natural lashes but when you add to the volume and length of the lashes with extensions, everything about the lashes gets noticed, good or bad.

If you have eyelash extensions applied, you will need to brush your extended lashes at least once a day to keep them looking their best.

A simple 15-20 second sweep through the lashes with a Lash Styling Wand in the morning will put stray lashes in their place. Those that touch up their eye makeup midday or evening and those that have a habit of touching their lashes (a big “no no” for extension fans) may want to carry their wand with them to check and refresh lashes again while they’re out.