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Collagen 360º Intensive Cream

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Activates the collagen regeneration. Powerful wrinkles reduction.

Collagen 360º intensive cream is an intensive action cream, developed based on enriched marine collagen, with the aim of compensating the loss of collagen in the body.

What does enriched marine collagen offer?

Many cosmetics include collagen in their formula because they help the skin to keep its firmness and elasticity. But Collagen 360º intensive cream is different to other products – it includes a high concentration of this active principle.

The enriched marine collagen improves skin elasticity and softness. It is 100% marine and completely compatible with all the skin cells and all types of skins assimilate it. Because of its low molecular weight and the formula of its base, it penetrates until the second layer of the epidermis in order to act where the skin needs it.

If it is used with the rest of the Collagen 360º products, the Collagen 360º intensive cream synergy reduces wrinkles, gives the face back its volume and makes skin healthy.


  • Protection of the three-dimensional structure of the skin matrix
  • Increase of skin firmness and density
  • Stimulation of skin regeneration


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