Lashlift is an innovative procedure to lift your own natural lashes and make then appear longer and lifted without the use of curlers

Lashlift lifts the very base of your own lashes making them appear lifted and longer while lash perm curves the tip of your lashes.

Depending on the length and health of your natural lashes, the procedure takes about 45-60 mins and lasts up to 8 weeks!

Anyone who is interested in enhancing the look of their natural eyelashes , people with very straight, droopy lashes or very long natural lashes that have no shape.

The process is relaxing in nature. After you lie down on the table,we will cover your lower lashes with a soothing gel pad to protect your lower lashes during the application. You then relax with your eyes closed. Many clients fall asleep during the procedure.

Based on the size of your lashes, we will choose the appropriate silicone pad size to “lift” your lashes and apply lash glue which is water soluble. We will then brush back the lashes so they attach to the silicone pad and apply the specialized eyelash perming solution. Depending on the size and shape of your lashes the permanent relaxing solution will sit on lashes for 12 -15 minutes. The perming solution is then removed with q-tips and a neutralizing solution is applied for 10-12 minutes.  An additional color boost can be applied at this time to darken your lashes. A 5 minute lash conditioning treatment is then applied. The entire process takes about 45-60mins.

Yes. Lashes are lifted onto our specially shaped lifting silicone pads before products are applied so no products will be touching your skin. We regularly work with people with very sensitive skin.

Not at all! At Goddess Lashes we have performed countless successful lashlifts and  have over 10 years experience in this technique. The Lash Lift ingredients include Keratin, Aloe Vera and Castor Oil which nourishes & strengthens your natural lashes.

The product never touches the skin during the process. Redness around the eye may occur due to the product removal process (wiping eyes with cotton rounds), but should disappear within a few minutes after the procedure.

Immediately after the procedure avoid steam for 24hrs and discontinue the use of lash growth products for 48 hours. After 24 hours exposure to steam will not affect your lashes and after 48 hours you can resume the use of eyelash growth products. Mascara can be applied immediately.

Yes! We work by appointment only. If you would like to schedule an appointment, the fastest way is online! Or you can text 786 326 6463 and have your credit card details ready. Please be sure to note our cancellation and rescheduling policy.

Scheduled treatments are reserved especially for you. We know that situations arise in which you must cancel your appointment. However, we require 24 hour advance notice in order to reschedule any service with no charge and 48 hour to cancel it. If your appointment is not cancelled within this notification period, your appointment is considered confirmed. Any changes or cancellations made after the 24 hour window are subject to a charge for each service. Because of this policy, a valid credit card number is required at time of booking. This policy also applies to gift card and certificate holders.

If you arrive late for your lash lift appointment, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you will have to reschedule for another appointment as the procedure takes a minimum 45 minutes and you will be responsible for the full amount for the appointment missed. As a courtesy and consideration to your lash artist and other clients, please plan accordingly and be on time.